Modesty of Rasulullah S.A.W.

13 Jun Modesty of Rasulullah S.A.W.

Below is the translated text to Brother Muhammad Nursufyan Mohamad Raffi’s khutbah which was originally presented in Arabic. Sufyan clinched first position as “Khatib Pilihan Ummah in a competition held by Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah earlier this year (2016).

Intro: Hamdalah, Shahadah, Solaah… Reminder of Taqwa….

Brothers in Islam, Allah SWT has honoured the sons of Adam and favoured them upon many of His other creations. And among them, He had chosen those who will receive His message and revelation. Among these prophets and messengers, He had chosen the best prophet, our prophet Muhammad SAW. His life was (a life filled with) Ibadah (worship) and Shukr (Gratitude), Da’wah (Calling people to Allah) and gentleness, tests and patience. He had the noblest and commendable character. His personality/traits is (as nice as the smell of the) musk, and his life/biography is special/unique.


The prophet s.a.w praised the prophets before him. A man came and asked him, “O the best creation!” The prophet said, “That is Ibrahim AS”. (Hadith narrated by Muslim) He doesn’t like people to praise him. He preaches everyone into Islam, including small kids. Once, he visited a small Jewish boy and puts his hand on his head, and said, “أسلم”, and the kid accepted Islam. (Hadith narrated by al-Bukhari)

The prophet was down to earth when he was with the young ones, and he would instil Aqidah (true belief) in them. He was gentle when teaching the Sahabah, and he expresses/shows his love towards them. He was never arrogant. Instead, he always had a clean heart towards everyone.
Once, a man came and the prophet was delivering his sermon. The man said, “O Rasulullah! (I am) A stranger came to ask about his religion, as he does not know what is his religion!” He said, “The prophet hurried towards me and left his sermon, until he has finished with me. Then a chair was brought to him and he sat. He started to teach me what Allah has taught him. Then, he continued with his sermon until the end.
Our beloved prophet SAW used to be very gentle and kind towards youths, always showing his care towards them. He was also a loving person.

The prophet’s words were never bad or hurtful. His was more shy/modest than a (virgin) girl who is in her seclusion. His hands had never beaten up anyone throughout his life! Aishah RA said, “The prophet SAW had never hit any beings with his hands, including woman and helper, except during jihad for Allah’s sake!”
He always looked cheerful and smiling. Khadijah RA said to him, “You have been maintaining good ties of kinship, honest in your speech, helping the poor, honouring your guests and assisting anyone in difficulty.”

The prophet is soft-hearted. He is always kind towards everyone below him. Anas had served him for ten years, and he has never raised his voice towards him and he had never said to him when he had done something, “Why did you do that?”, or “Why don’t you do (this)?” at all.

Uthman RA described the prophet’s interaction with his companions and said: “The prophet SAW was with us when we were travelling and here in the country, he used to visit the sick among us, attend our funerals, take part in war with us, comfort us in times of hardship and ease.” (hadith narrated by Ahmad)


This is the beautiful character of our prophet, our intercessor and our belover, Muhammad SAW.


O Allah, please guide us towards the best character. Indeed, there is no one other than You who can guide us to it. Amin.


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